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Analytical equipment

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF)
Bruker S2 Picofox (3 instruments)

The S2 PICOFOX is a benchtop spectrometer for fast quantitative and semi-quantitative multi-element microanalysis of liquids and suspensions using the principle of total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (TXRF). Detection limits are the ppb and ppm range, so that the technique is optimally suited for trace element analysis. The advantages are evident in case of small sample amounts, liquid samples with high matrix content and frequently changing sample types.


  • Element range: Mo excitation: Al to U (with exception of Mo to Ru)
  • Concentration: ppb to 100 %
  • Sample types: liquids and suspensions
  • X-ray tube: 50 W metal-ceramic, max. 50 kV, 1 mA air-cooled, Mo target
  • Detector: Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector
  • Energy resolution <149 eV at 100 kcps
  • Autosampler with 25 positions

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SOLVOMET is KU Leuven’s Centre for Solvometallurgy. SOLVOMET’s mission is to support its industrial and RTD partners in the conceptual and practical development of more sustainable solvometallurgical separation processes and new mining chemicals, which are subsequently tested using state-of-the-art lab-scale and mini pilot-scale experimental facilities.

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