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Lab-scale & mini-pilot scale equipment

The SOLVOMET centre is well equipped to perform all relevant lab-scale leaching and solvent extraction studies. Concurrently, SOLVOMET is continuously investing in novel mini-pilot scale equipment for solvent leaching and solvent extraction experiments, allowing to tackle a first set of upscaling questions (from the lab-scale to the mini-pilot scale level).

Mini-pilot-scale equipment

  • PHASE 1: SX mixer-settlers
  • PHASE 2: Leaching equipment


A mixer-settler battery of 12 PTFE mixer-settler units (0.5 L each) + electronic control units for the mixer motors.  Produced by MEAB Metallextraktion AB (Göteborg, Zweden)


SOLVOMET ISC is KU Leuven’s Industrial Service Centre for Circular Hydrometallurgy. We support mining, metallurgical & recycling companies in the development of more sustainable (circular, low-energy input) hydrometallurgical processes, using state-of-the-art lab & mini-pilot scale experimental facilities.

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