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Mettler-Toledo T5 Excellence in combination with InMotion™ Autosamplers Flex, lab 00.176

The automation of different steps involved in a titrimetric analysis not only saves time and money, but also makes the analysis operator-independent and significantly enhances accuracy and precision. At the moment three different electrodes are available for carrying out potentiometric titrations but the T5 excellence is expandable to a broad range of applications, volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer titrations, conductivity titrations and thermometric titrations. 




  • Burette Drives: 1 for titration and 1 for dosing
  • Automation Option(s): InMotion Autosampler flex (18 positions for 100 mL beakers)
  • Application Type: potentiometric
  • Electrodes: DGi111-SC pH-electrode, DMi141-SC silver ring electrode, DP5 phototrode

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SOLVOMET is KU Leuven’s Centre for Solvometallurgy. SOLVOMET’s mission is to support its industrial and RTD partners in the conceptual and practical development of more sustainable solvometallurgical separation processes and new mining chemicals, which are subsequently tested using state-of-the-art lab-scale and mini pilot-scale experimental facilities.

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