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Visco- and densitometer Anton Paar Lovis 2000 M/ME

The Anton Paar Lovis 2000 M/ME combined visco/densitometer measures viscosity based on the Hoeppler’s falling ball principle, through both transparent and opaque liquids. Viscosities and densities can be measured at a constant temperature or as a function of temperature. Results are given as intrinsic, kinematic or dynamic viscosity.


  • Required sample volume: min. 100 μL
  • Samples from 0.2 up to 10 000 mPa.s
  • Between 5 °C and 100 °C

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SOLVOMET is KU Leuven’s Centre for Solvometallurgy. SOLVOMET’s mission is to support its industrial and RTD partners in the conceptual and practical development of more sustainable solvometallurgical separation processes and new mining chemicals, which are subsequently tested using state-of-the-art lab-scale and mini pilot-scale experimental facilities.

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