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Subsidised projects

The SOLVOMET Centre also offers a number of (subsidised) project collaboration opportunities. Here below an overview is provided of the main possibilities. To obtain more details we advise you to contact us directly.


EU RIA/IA & upscaling projects 

You can also contact SOLVOMET ISC to co-develop a EU-funded R&D project. The SOLVOMET team has an excellent track record in both Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe (Research/Innovation Actions (IA/RIA) and EIT RawMaterials upscaling projects. At present (June 2022) we coordinate the Horizon Europe EU RIA ENICON project, which deals with “Sustainable processing of Europe’s low-grade sulphidic and lateritic nickel/cobalt ores and tailings into battery-grade metals”. It is a 4 year Research and Innovation Action. For this project, SOLVOMET ISC teamed up with some of Europe’s key Ni/Co industry players (BolidenGlencore, Larco, EURONICKEL IndustriesFinnCobalt Oy), while bringing in core expertise from four leading research organisations (VITOAalto UniversityUniversity of ExeterTechnical University of Crete / Πολυτεχνείο Κρήτης). Other on-going H2020 or Horizon Europe projects, in which SOLVOMET ISC is a major partner, include Sea4Value, NEMO, CROCODILE, HEPHAESTUS. Completed (medium-to-high TRL) projects include EURARE, REMAGHIC, NEOHIRE, PLATIRUS, ERC PoC SOLVOLi (coordinated by Binnemans), SAMEX.

For these kind of EU projects, SOLVOMET ISC offers its hydrometallurgical expertise in order to develop and/or optimise hydrometallurgical flowsheets for both critical and base metals, starting from both end-of-life waste (waste PCBs, spent automotive catalysts…) and primary ores, concentrates, intermediates or residues.


Flemish R&D projects

Companies active in Flanders can also ask SOLVOMET ISC to co-develop a VLAIO R&D project, which is funded for a maximum of 50% by the Flemish Government. Companies, together with SOLVOMET as a Research Partner, can apply for this funding throughout the year. The agency evaluates the applications based on multiple criteria. During these evaluations, VLAIO attaches equal value to the quality and the valorisation of the research and/or development. Ideally, these projects lead to new industrial investments. The SOLVOMET team has an excellent track record in this type of projects and can assist the less experienced companies in developing the project concept, writing a winning application and performing key tasks during the project implementation phase.

Industrial doctorates

For companies active in Flanders there is also the possibility to apply for VLAIO Baekeland mandates. Companies can develop together with SOLVOMET so-called Baekeland PhD proposals, which are 50% funded by the Flemish Government. In both cases, young researchers receive excellent research training at the PhD level and are, subsequently prepared for a career at a research-intensive company.


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