Automatic titrator Mettler-Toledo T5 Excellence in combination with InMotio Autosamplers Flex

The automation of different steps involved in a titrimetric analysis not only saves time and money, but also makes the analysis operator-independent and significantly enhances accuracy and precision. At the moment three different electrodes are available for carrying out potentiometric titrations but the T5 excellence is expandable to a broad range of applications, volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer titrations, conductivity titrations and thermometric titrations.


  • Burette Drives: 1 for titration and 1 for dosing
  • Automation Option(s): InMotion Autosampler flex (18 positions for 100 mL beakers)
  • Application Type: potentiometric
  • Electrodes: DGi111-SC pH-electrode, DMi141-SC silver ring electrode, DMi140-SC platinum ring redox electrode, DP5 phototrode
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