Ion Chromatograph (IC) Shimadzu

Shimadzu ion chromatograph for quantification of ions (cations and anions) in aqueous samples by a chromatography process that separates ions and polar molecules based on their affinity to the ion exchanger.


  • degasser
  • column oven (-10 °C till 100 °C)
  • anion suppressor (Suppressor ICDS-40A)
  • autosampler with 115 positions
  • anion analysis: a Shim-pack IC-SA2 250×4.0mm ID column in combination with a Shim-pack IC-SA2G 10×4.6mm ID guard is available, capable of determining fluoride ions, chloride ions, nitrite ions, bromide ions, nitrate ions, phosphate ions and sulfuric acid ions.
  • cation analysis: a Metrosep C4 250×4.0mm ID, a Shim-pack IC-C1 150×5.0mm ID and a Shodex IC YS-50 250×4.6mm ID column are available, capable of analyzing cations such as alkaline metal ions, alkali earth metal ions, transition metal ions, rare earth metal ions, and alkyl amines.
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