Laboratory shaker Kuhner ES-X Lab-Shaker

Specifications: The ES-X is a specially designed shaker with a separate controller. The shaking unit with its stainless steel casing can be placed in areas of high temperature (up to 80°C) and humidity (up to 95% rH). A Tray with support bars is available to mount on the shaker. There are three shaking diameters available: 12.5, 25 and 50mm. The mixing frequency is dependent on the shaking motion, linear or circular, and the shaking diameter:


Shaking motion  Mixing frequency
orbital, Ø 12.5 mm 20–500 rpm
orbital, Ø 25.0 mm 20–400 rpm
orbital, Ø 50.0 mm 20–300 rpm
linear, Ø 12.5 mm 20–400 rpm
linear, Ø 25.0 mm 20–300 rpm
linear, Ø 50.0 mm 20–200 rpm
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