Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy Bruker Avance III HD 400 MHz

Bruker Avance III HD 400 console with a Bruker AscendTM 400 magnet, equipped with a 5 mm PABBO BB (31P-109Ag)/19F-1H/D SmartProbe with z-gradients and ATM accessory for Automatic Tuning and Matching. A 5 mm BBI 1H/D-BB (31P-109Ag) probe with z-gradients is available as well. Acquisition is performed using a CentOS workstation with Bruker TopSpin 3.6.5 software. The instrument is equipped with a 60-positions autosampler and Bruker Autocalibrate function. The spectrometer runs in Icon-NMR Automation mode.

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