Solvent extraction Battery 3 (SX Kinetics)

The mixer settler set-up of SX Kinetics consists of a total of 16 stages, that can be used at room temperature. The stages are made from glass. The volume of the mixer chamber and settler chamber in each stage are 0.270 L and 1.050 L, respectively. The total flow rate can reach up to 10 L/h with the currently available pumps.

Characteristics SX Kinetics MEAB   Rousselet Robatel
Temperature Only room temperature Only room temperature Heatable (water or oil)
Use Mini-piloting Mini-piloting and research Mainly for research
Visibility  Transparent Opaque Opaque but with a window in the settling chamber
Capacity Mixer: 0.270 L, Settler: 1.050 L Mixer: 0.12 L, Settler: 0.48 L Mixer 0.035 L, Settler 0.143 L
Flows (depends on settling velocity) Max flow: 10 L/h with the available pumps Max flow: 10 L/h Max flow: 2-4 L/h


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