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Water activity meter

Aqualab TDL (METER), lab 00.176

The AQUALAB TDL uses an infrared laser to measure the water content in the vapour phase at equilibrium under a controlled temperature and converts this to the water activity of the sample.



  • Water activity: Range = 0.000–1.000 aw, Resolution = 0.0001 aw, Accuracy = ±0.005 @ 25 ◦C
  • Temperature: Range = 15–50 °C, Resolution = 0.01 °C, Accuracy = ±0.1 °C, Adjustment increment = 1 °C
  • Read time = 5 min


Microwave digesters


The microwave digestion system is suitable for acid digestion of solid samples and water-insoluble materials at elevated temperatures and pressures, to allow further analysis with for instance ICP-OES.



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